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Women and Weights

Five Reasons Women Need to Lift Weights

I get the same questions, comments and struggles from women every day.  “I want to lose weight”,  “I don’t have the energy to work out”, “I just want to be more toned”, “I feel like I am at the mercy of my hormones”, “I would give just about anything for a good night’s sleep”, “I am concerned about osteoporosis”, “Maybe my metabolism is too slow to lose weight.”

If that sounds familiar, understand this:  Almost every result women are searching for is a side effect of increasing lean muscle.  Forget about the myths of getting too bulky or looking manly; neither of those are legitimate concerns without performance enhancing drugs or some serious genetic predisposition.

When you combine a supervised strength training program and Eating by Design, here are some of the results:


If you’ve bought into the myth that cardio is the fastest way to lose fat you’re missing out on the number one time tested strategy. Lifting heavy weight, at high intensity, is the cornerstone to fat loss, not endless hours on the treadmill.


Have you wondered how to keep those calories burning even while you are asleep? By helping to build lean muscle, strength training turns your body into an engine that constantly burns fuel day and night. In fact, high intensity strength training will leave your metabolism elevated for up to 36 hours post workout!  That’s a side effect no amount of cardio can match.


You can’t shape muscles, but you can build more lean muscle. With less body fat on top of them, that translates into smaller clothing sizes without cutting the calories.


Strength doesn’t just come in physical form. Moving heavy things delivers a power packed shot to your mental state as well. That makes you feel great on all accounts.


One major fear women have is developing osteoporosis and the #1 strategy for bone building is NOT more calcium. It is strength training.  Learn the basics to weight bearing exercise and start building healthier bones.

How many of these benefits appeal to you?  Have a great week.

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