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Meet Dr. Craig Dingman

Chiropractic Helped Me!

Aurora Chiropractor, Dr. Craig Dingman

Dr. Craig Dingman

I was born and raised in Aurora. All of my life I have lived here and I have watched the community grow while still maintaining that small town feel.

As a kid I was sick all the time. I was short and scrawny with a chronic stuffy nose and a wheeze. At the age of ten I ended up with a significant health challenge that made sports impossible and walking difficult. That is how I ended up seeing a chiropractor. It was at that point that my health began to improve dramatically. After that first visit I knew I would be a chiropractor when I grew up. You see, it was not just a decision or a career choice. It was my calling. Chiropractic just made sense to me as a way to live a healthier, more vital lifestyle.

Chiropractic Education

I went to the University of Waterloo and earned an Honours B.Sc. in Kinesiology. My main interest was exercise physiology. Four years later, I graduated with honours from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

At chiropractic school, I was lucky to meet my beautiful wife Shawna and we have been blessed with three wonderful, healthy children. So, in addition to being a chiropractor, I am also a dad, a taxi service, a soccer coach, an amateur wrestler, and a handyman.

I became a chiropractor in 2000. My focus is on helping families to live healthier lives with an emphasis on the care of children. I strive to learn continuously in order to be the best. I am constantly reading, studying, and attending seminars to stay current. I am a member of my provincial and national associations as well as the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. I have also completed my chiropractic pediatric certification.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, skiing, playing hockey, and especially running. More recently, you can find me satisfying one of my new obsessions, CrossFit.

I would love to meet you! Please contact our Aurora chiropractic practice to make an appointment.