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Water & Water Bottles

What Should You Avoid?

Plastic water bottles create about 1.5 million tons of waste every year and most of them are never recycled. Not only are plastic water bottles terrible for the environment, but toxins from the plastic may leach into the water, causing health concerns.

Reusable water bottles are fantastic, but be aware that some brands contain bisphenol-A (BPA), which is a known endocrine disrupter (think hormones).

Most tap water contains many toxins such as fluoride, chloride and many by-products from the disinfection process of water. While these chemicals may kill bacteria in the water, they are also toxic to the body and cause cell damage.

What Do We Recommend?

Most bottled water is simply (poorly) filtered tap water, so why not skip the plastic and buy a filter instead? Having a reverse osmosis filter installed in your house will not only save you money from buying water bottles, but will also clean your water and remove toxins!

When buying a reusable water bottle, look for stainless steel or glass bottles. There are some plastic bottles that do not contain BPA, however plastic is not preferred as it still contains toxics that may leach into the water.


Which Products Have We Found?

Glass and aluminum water bottles can be found almost anywhere. Natures has a great selection!

If you are interested in more information about reverse osmosis water and the installation process, contact The Water Depot! (Ask for Ron)

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