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The Importance of Having a Coach

17 coachThis weekend my 8-year-old son Cole had his very first swim meet ever. We are complete newbies when it comes to swimming. After fumbling our way through familiarizing ourselves with the world of competitive swimming (which may I say is VERY different than basketball or hockey, sports with which I am extremely schooled in), we finally landed on the pool deck in a huge Olympic style stadium with hundreds of swimmers and spectators.

It was a little intimidating to say the least, especially if you are only 8.

The stress levels were mounting. Thankfully, I saw Cole’s coach. She proceeded to take him through the procedure, the warm up, the race schedule etc. in a way that made him feel comfortable. All of a sudden, the stress levels went right down and he could relax and enjoy the day. And so could we.

It made me think of how important it is to have a coach, particularly in a new endeavour.

I see this all the time with new patients. The health arena is a very conflicting and confusing one. What type of health professional do I need for my problem? What kind of exercise is best for me? Do I need rest or do I need more exercise? How about nutrition? Should I go Paleo? Or maybe the metabolic diet? I guess I should eat gluten free, right?

So many questions…even more opinions.

In this information age, you would think it would be easy to figure out what it takes to be healthy. However, what I find is that patients are even more confused about what is truly best for their health. Therefore, having a coach is even more important.

At this point, some of you have made New Year resolutions, some have made commitments to making health changes, and still others have already fallen off of their new habits. Wherever you are at, know that it is okay. The real success is found not in how often you fail but in how often you can get yourself back on track. It seems simple but the ability to give yourself a break and get back to it is where the magic is.

Perhaps you need a little coaching? A bit of accountability. Where in your life would you be more successful if you had someone to hold you to your commitment? Maybe it’s a personal trainer? Perhaps you need a partner. A workout buddy that joins Crossfit with you or signs up for the same Yoga classes. Perhaps a nutritionist?

Only you know where you most need a little guidance and some accountability to move forward.   Don’t discount the value of having a health coach to help you meet your goals. Asking for help is not weakness, it’s just plain smart!

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