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Non-Surgical Tips for Relief of Your Sciatic Pain

Sciatica is a searing, nagging pain from the low back that radiates down into the buttock, hip, leg, and foot.  It can even travel as far as the toes.

Unfortunately, sciatica is usually the end stage result of a very long standing back problem.

In my experience, regardless of the cause, almost every person with sciatica has these 3 things in common:

  1. Mechanical problems with the movement of their hips, low back and pelvis.  You should be able to do a deep squat so that your buttock sits on the back of your calves and remain in this position for 10 minutes.
  2. Weak low back, hip, and pelvic muscles.  You should be able to deadlift close to 2X your body weight.
  3. Too much inflammatory load in their bodies.  Typical North American diets are very inflammatory and contribute to sciatica and the pain associated with it.

If you work at solving the 3 problems listed above and are patient and consistent, you can resolve your sciatica permanently.  You may even reverse many of the degenerative changes that have produced the sciatica.

Solving your sciatica problem for good will take time and consistent effort. By correcting the underlying structural and mechanical problems and then creating improved mobility, adequate strength and proper nutrition, the vast majority of people will resolve their sciatica.

Want to find out how?  That’s what we do.  And we would love to help you.

Check out my FB video to see how Spinal Flossing can help manage some of the painful sciatic symptoms.  Watch Now

If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know or schedule a complimentary consultation.

Have a great week!

~Dr. Craig


I’m Dr. Craig Dingman, and I love helping the families of York Region get healthier and happier every day with chiropractic.  When I’m not in the office adjusting patients and coaching them in healthy lifestyles, I’m probably hanging out with my wife, Shawna, and our 3 kids at home or at the cottage. I look forward to meeting you or hearing from you!

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