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Is Your Posture Damaging Your Health?


postureOne of the first things we notice about other people is their posture. Although posture is important from an aesthetic standpoint, it is vitally important to the proper function of every part of your body. Your muscles and joints, your organs and especially your brain all rely on good posture for health and longevity!

With more and more hand held devices, video games and jobs involving long hours sitting at desks (not to mention driving in cars!), we have become the most inactive generation in history.  We are NOT helping ourselves solve these postural issues.

In fact, postural distortions and the associated health problems are considered by experts to be epidemic.

One of the most important observations we’ve made in almost 20 years of helping 10’s of thousands of people is that postural issues almost always point to a core health problem, in other words, a problem with one of the body’s basic requirements for health.

How do you know if you or your kids have a posture problem that is creating a health challenge? Click on the button below to download your quick 3-Step Posture Self-Assessment Tool.


- Dr. Craig and Dr. Shawna

P.S.  With kids going back to school soon, take a moment to check your kids’ posture using this easy tool. If anything comes up, send us a quick email and let us know what you find.

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