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Meet Dr. Dean McClelland

Dr. Dean McClelland, Aurora ChiropractorIn February of 2016, Dr. Dean joined forces with his good friend and colleague, Dr. Craig Dingman, and co-founded Elevate Chiropractic in Aurora, Ontario. “I’m passionate about helping people to function better naturally. With chiropractic, they can get their body moving and healing with less reliance on drugs and surgery.”

The Path to Chiropractic

Dr. Dean didn’t always plan on becoming a chiropractor. He originally thought of going into business, accounting or marketing. In grade 12, when he took a class in human biology, he loved learning about the inner workings of the human body.

From there, he developed a keen interest in learning more about how to help the body function better naturally. He considered both chiropractic and medicine, but the chiropractic philosophy and mentality resonated with him.

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Providing Gentle, Family-Friendly Care

Approachable and encouraging, Dr. Dean puts patients of all ages at ease. At 6’7, he’s referred to sometimes as a “gentle giant.” Dr. Dean loves connecting with patients who have come to the practice for a long time. Some of his now-teenage patients were first brought in to see him at the young age of 2 or 3. He loves helping his patients enjoy optimal spinal function and excellent overall health.

Education and Techniques

After earning a bachelor’s at Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Dr. Dean earned a Doctor of Chiropractic from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. He graduated in 2002. One of his favorite memories was seeing a professor draw the human anatomy on a chalkboard. “It was fascinating learning about the human body and how it’s intricately and amazingly designed.”

Through his years in practice, Dr. Dean developed a greater appreciation of how much the human body is interconnected. “Helping the spine and nervous system function better has over-arching effects into many areas of a patient’s life versus just relieving back or neck pain.”

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT)

Dr. Dean is one of only three practitioners in Canada who have certification in AMIT. A former Utah Jazz chiropractor used the technique on players. That’s how Dr. Dean, who played basketball as an undergrad, learned about the method. He likes the approach because it helps to get a person’s body working better from a structural perspective, and allows muscles to fire at their full potential.

He also has a keen interest in another subspecialty of chiropractic-Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™).

Enjoying an Active Family Life

When he’s not working, Dr. Dean loves spending time with his wife Caroline and their three daughters: Holly, Jillian and Claire. The outdoorsy family enjoys skiing, mountain biking and Catamaran sailing on Lake Huron. He also likes to play guitar and goes to regularly attends Summit Community Church.

Dr. Dean grew up in beautiful Calgary and still loves to visit the mountains whenever he can, but now calls the Town of Aurora home. Check out his website.

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