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Checking It Off

Is There Any Feeling As Sweet As Checking Things Off Your To Do List?

Oh man.  I love to get things crossed off my list.  It is like scratching an itch that you just could never reach until… oh yeah.  If I just twist my arm around like this… There.  Finally got it.  Sweet!

Can any of you pseudo-neurotic type A personalities relate to this feeling?  Does anyone else actually add the item to their to do list, after they have completed the task just so they can put a checkmark there?  Come on.  Some of you do this too.  I know its not just me.

So why is it that we find checking items off our honey-do lists so gratifying?  Is it because we feel like we have just won a small victory?  Not really a battle in the grand scheme of life, more like a minor skirmish.  And we walked away the winner.

Maybe it is because so many of our tasks go on that “90% complete” list for eternity and when we finally move one onto the “Done” list it makes us feel good about ourselves.  It gives us a sense of being productive.  Moving forward.

Whatever the reason, getting stuff done feels good. It is great for our self esteem. And accomplishing one thing makes it easier to get the next thing done. The snowball effect. And it has everything to do with dopamine.

Motivation is the essential and irreplaceable key to success in any endeavour.  Without the proper motivation, we are doomed to fail, and doomed to experience the frustration and self esteem hit that comes with it.

However, when we experience even small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine.  You may not recognize the word dopamine but you will be quite familiar with its effects.  That little “feel good” sensation you get when you finish a task, the smile on your face when someone “likes” your facebook post, the gold star on your 4th grade spelling test, the eagerness with which your child gets a sticker after their adjustment?… you guessed it – all dopamine.

Dopamine is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning, and motivation.  The best thing about it is that when we feel the effects of dopamine, we are eager to repeat the actions that triggered the shot of this supercharged, better than caffeine, all natural substance.

Neuroscientists call this “self-directed learning”.  If you can learn to tap in to this inexhaustible supply of feel good biochemistry, you can set yourself up for greater productivity, success, and happiness!

Here is something you can check off your list right now.  Join us for our Think By Design workshop on Tuesday October 25 from 6:30-7:30pm to discover how to tap into your brain’s biological treasure chest of productivity.

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