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6 Nutrition Lies That Are Making Aurora Sick and Fat

Fruits and VegetablesNutrition is a central component to your health whether you pay attention to it or not and the residents of Aurora are subject to the same lies that continue to make the rest of the world sick and fat.

Each one of these myths are embedded as cultural norms and accepted as “the standard” when it comes to nutritional decision-making. Without ever considering the impact of your food choices on how your body functions, you’re left to pay the price for what are often believed to be solid and smart decisions.

Sadly these decisions lie at the root of Aurora’s declining health status and the consequences will continue to be far-reaching and long lasting.

I am going to explore each one of these lies in full, detailed blog posts but for now, let me create some mental chaos by giving you some food for thought.

Everything in Moderation

This mantra is repeated by almost everyone who struggles with the consistency it takes to see results in any area. With nutrition it is the primary rationalization for eating just about anything someone wants to without acknowledging the repercussions.

Meat is Bad For Health

Unprocessed meat has no significant association with cardiovascular disease or type II diabetes and is the most nutrient dense food on the planet. Bad meats are bad for you. Good meats are good for you. It is important to understand the difference.

Vegetable Oil is Heart Healthy

Highly processed seed and vegetable oils increase inflammation and contribute to cardiovascular disease.

Fat Makes You Fat

As odd as it may sound fat does not make you fat…at least not when consumed in conjunction with a moderate protein, carbohydrate appropriate diet. Bad fats make you sick and overweight, good fats are healthy and help maintain normal body weight. Again, it is important to know and understand the difference. Avocados can help weight control. Unfortunately, ice cream doesn’t. Sorry :)

Saturated Fat is Evil

Repeated studies have shown no association between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease. Healthy saturated fat (like grass fed butter) is also a stable fat full of nutritious fat soluble vitamins.

Grains are a Super Food

Gluten has been a health hot button for the past decade but regardless of whether gluten is toxic or neutral, there is a much better reason to remove wheat and most other grains from your diet. Simply put…they’re just not that nutritious. Any nutrient you can get in a grain, you can find with other food choices in higher quantities, more bio-available and with less potentially toxicity.

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