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5 "Health Hacks" for the Over 40's

Dr. Craig

Dr. Craig

I can almost remember the day in my early 40’s when my metabolism shifted down.  All the physical ease I took for granted for my entire life, up to that point, seemed to melt away.

Although I denied it and tried to continue on business as usual, the reality became evident very quickly:  If I want to be healthy and fit after 40, I was going to need to work at it!

I just had my 48th birthday and was reflecting on my health journey over the last 8 years.  Here are my 5 “Health Hacks” for those of you with me over age 40.

  1. Be Consistent with your habits.  As a young man, I could take several weeks or months off of working out.  I could go on summer-long bbq binges with beer and wine.  Then when I felt like I had enough, I would spend one or two weeks eating right and working out like a maniac, and I would be right back in shape.  Try that after 40 and you will be in big trouble.  Health in your 40’s and beyond is all about playing the long game.  Develop a fitness and nutrition routine that works for you and is sustainable as part of your lifestyle, and then just stick to it.
  1. Mobility is key.  As we age, we tend to lose mobility.  The number one reason people enter a nursing home is due to loss of mobility.  If you are a recent patient of mine, you will notice part of your evaluation is a global mobility test (the sit to stand test).  Research is now linking reduced mobility to lowered life expectancy.  Yoga, stretching, and my daily mobility workout are all more important than ever as we age.  Click HERE to download my own daily joint to joint mobility routine that I like to do as the coffee is perking.
  1. Eat smaller quantities.  The reality is that as we age, our metabolism tends to slow.  What you eat is important, but so is portion control.  Cutting down portions is easier on your digestive track (and your waist line!).
  1. Lift heavy things.  This is often one of the most over looked aspects of health over 40.  Lifting heavy objects helps you produce growth hormone and testosterone and allows you to maintain muscle mass and bone density.  Especially for women, this is the key to maintaining your bone density and is so much more effective than calcium supplements.  Like it or not, your muscles were made to be used and operate on the use it or lose it principle.  Lifting weights, doing squats and learning functional training is the key to healthy muscles and bones.
  1. Schedule your down time.  Life picks up speed in your 40’s.  Work demands, kids’ activities, aging family members who need us, and the list goes on… these things all place extra demands on an already busy schedule.  If we don’t schedule some down time to read a book or go for a leisurely walk through the woods, it will never happen.  Re-charging your batteries is just as important in your health routine as going to the gym or eating right.  Not to mention the fact that it will help with your sleeping (which is also probably difficult now that your past 40).

Realistically, this list could have 50 or more items.  These are my favourites right now; I hope they help.  I would love to hear your favourite “over 40 health hacks”.  Feel free to post a comment or comment on Facebook!

~Dr. Craig Dingman

PS  Click HERE to view my daily joint to joint mobility video that will help you mobilize every single joint in your body from your head to your toes in one brief session.  This would be a great place for you to start.


I’m Dr. Craig Dingman, and I love helping the families of York Region get healthier and happier every day with chiropractic.  When I’m not in the office adjusting patients and coaching them in healthy lifestyles, I’m probably hanging out with my wife, Shawna, and our 3 kids at home or at the cottage. I look forward to meeting you or hearing from you!


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