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Meet Dr. Shawna Dingman

My doctor told me it was “normal”, but it wasn’t…

Aurora Chiropractor Dr. Shawna Dingman

Dr. Shawna Dingman

My name is Shawna Dingman, and I am a chiropractor. All my life, I wanted to be a doctor. As a child, I had the odd headache here and there. My headaches increased as a teenager, and by the time I was in my early twenties, I had headaches every day. I could only function as long as I was taking 6-8 pills a day for the pain. I had every test and exam possible done on me, including a CAT scan, but they told me everything was “normal”. I can tell you that what I felt was COMMON, but it wasn’t NORMAL.

The doctors prescribed a medication for my headaches which I never filled. It just didn’t make sense that those pills were the best answer. My mother, who suffered from migraine headaches, suggested I see her chiropractor. And that’s when MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER…

Although my headaches didn’t go away completely in the beginning, I recognized other changes that I liked. I slept better, I had more energy, my cycles became more regular and less painful, and that chronic sinus infection that hit me every winter went away and has never come back. I could feel that my headaches were getting better as well, but it made sense to me that if I had the problem for most of my life, it wasn’t going to go away completely after just a few adjustments. So, I hung in there and trusted my chiropractor. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I realized that over the months of adjustments, I loved how fun her office was and how happy her patients were. I enjoyed watching moms come in with their babies, kids hopping on the table and high-fiving her after their adjustments and everyone telling their stories of healing and health. For so many, chiropractic was a last resort that literally gave them their lives back. I loved the principle that chiropractic is based on: our bodies are smart enough to heal from most things as long as we remove the interference and just give them time. Getting adjusted felt great, and I had fantastic results.

I was committed to chiropractic!

Over many months, my headaches went away and I was totally committed to the chiropractic principle… so committed that I refused my admission to medical school and chose to go to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. I’ve NEVER looked back. I love what I do!

Over the years in school, I fell in love with the concept of adjusting women, pregnant moms and kids. I studied Pediatric and Pregnancy care with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and was awarded my Fellowship Certification just before I gave birth to my first child, Jackson, in the summer of 1999. I graduated from school in 2000 and started practice right away in Aurora.

My passion is helping women and children get healthy and stay healthy. I incorporate not only clinical expertise in what I do but my own experience as a mom. There are just some things you can’t learn from a textbook! Like many of you, I wear many hats now as my family has grown. My husband, Craig, and I run our practice together while we raise our 3 incredible children: Jackson, Jenna and Cole. I love being a chiropractor exclusively for women, children and babies, but I also love the time I get to spend at home raising my kids. My job as “Dr. Mom” has taught me how to balance life in clinic with life as a grocery-getter, taxi driver, meal-maker, administrator of the home, boo boo-kisser, wife and all around problem fixer.

My approach at our office is simple: to help you be the best you can be in every area of your life, starting with your health. Please contact our Aurora chiropractic practice to schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!